Media-based communication, such as video conferencing and online meetings for the fast and efficient information and knowledge sharing with colleagues, partners, and customers more and more companies use modular training, online from January 2010. The Virtual Academy of the FAW gGmbH launches a new modular training in January 2010 along with the teambits GmbH. The training is aimed at presenters, trainers, consultants and tele tutors. It aims to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge of processes and procedures of online moderation and to train this comprehensively in the practical application. Just for conducting successful online meetings and workshops, Web seminars or team discussions there is competent and experienced employees, who are not only technically trained and competent media as online moderators, but well mastered the peculiarities of the Web presentation. So, the moderators will need skills in methodology, didactics and differentiated knowledge of online communication as well as good knowledge of application in digital Moderation techniques instead of flip chart, pinboard or moderation cards.

Total training online moderator consists of ten modules and takes after a kick off seminar to meet personal learning in Leipzig as a Web seminar online in different virtual classrooms instead. In addition to basic theoretical knowledge future online meetings are simulated in numerous practical exercises using synchronous and asynchronous moderation tools”, as Gabriele Hartung, who directs the Virtual Academy of the FAW for five years. The new training: All modules are also offered in module packages for those interested with or without moderation experience. Content are fundamentals of computer-aided cooperation with various Web2. 0 applications as well trained as the conception and design of suitable online meetings. The instructors are experts in digital moderation tools, moderation and Teleteaching. The educator Gabriele is Hartung more than 15 years of experience in the adult education Act. Dr.

Peter Tandler, CEO of teambits GmbH, is Computer scientist and has been advising since long businesses and organizations to the use of electronic media. Mrs. Sylvia de Vries is an independent consultant, coach and trainer for managers, project managers and teams. The training is location independent, being done via the Internet with PC and headset. The modules include three to six hours and take place once a week in the evening and once a month Saturday morning. Total training online moderator is carried out from January 15th to March 20, 2010 and consists of 42 hours. Registration deadline is December 18, 2009.