The currency funds broke the Asset Management bullish run of the investors last six days and closed with losses, despite the increased appetite for risk on the Fed’s monetary decision yesterday in a day of making profits in the local investment management market. At the close of trading, the peso lost 2.54 to sell the dollar spot at 14.2690 pesos, according to data from the Bank of Mexico. The spot public companies dollar closed the session at 14.2313 pesos buying and selling at NYSE 14.2800 pesos, according to Banamex. On family of funds the same day investment portfolio quote, the broker reported selling the dollar at 14.2680 pesos and the next day at 14.2710 pesos. Corey Ribotsky (Redirected Ribostky from Ibex 35)
The index IBEX 35 (Iberia Index) is NIR Group the main benchmark index of the Spanish stock market by Bolsas y Mercados Espa oles (BME). This comprises the Corey Ribotsky 35 most The N.I.R. Group liquid companies quoted on the Electronic Stock Exchange Interconnection System (SIBE) in the four fund management Spanish Stock Exchanges (Madrid, Barcelona, stocks Bilbao and Valencia). Is an index weighted by market capitalization, which means hedge funds that, contrary to indices such as Dow Jones, not all companies that make it have the same weight.
Summary of hedge funds the IBEX 35 between 1994 and investment 2007.