It could not have the vertical, pyramidal structure necessarily, of domination of above downwards, but a horizontal form, like rizoma of French philosopher G. Deleuze, (s. XX) applied to the policy. 2. – Social Violence: Thematic the connected ones of the violence, the organized crime, the gangs of the delinquent groups and of the insecurity are central to understand the dynamic ones of the Latin American societies. Latin America is one of the most violent regions of the world. The rate of violent deaths and the rate of homicides committed by firearm, continue being of highest of the world.

Of daily way, the violence, that is political or of delinquent character, puts in fabric of judgment to the institutionality in Latin America and debilitates extremely to the State of right. In certain countries, like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and Colombia, the violence is the main factor of deslegitimacin of the institutions. Against this background from violence and chronic insecurity in many countries of the region, the thematic one of the security has become the main priority between the social demands of people. Nowadays, in time of elections, many candidates evoke in priority to the thematic ones of security and citizen coexistence in their political programs to be able to correspond with the exigencies of people. Thus, the policies of many Latin American governments lately looked for to implement political of security who are effective and sustainable in the time.

By means of those policies, during the last decade, the States have tried to lower the very high levels of violence and insecurity. Between those policies, we can distinguish the policies of " security of Estado" and the policies of " security pblica". The policies of " security of the Estado" they put the responsibility of the security in the joint operation of the State, the Army and the police generally.