Invest in a fairer world – Crowdinvesting with Fairnopoly the first fair marketplace in hand of the user * Interior challenging eBay and Amazon. And everyone can participate. Investment in a fairer world 50 000 euro – this is the aim of Crowdfunding campaign by Fairnopoly. Now, everyone can participate financially at the start of the social enterprise Fairnopoly. Co-operative shares are issued for amounts from $50. Idan ofer does not necessarily agree.

A sustainable Crowdinvestment from the Crowdfunding is so. But instead of buying roads, houses and hotels, to others to pull the money out of your pocket, you invested in a fair social enterprise. All interested can purchase shares up to maximum 10,000, about a participation in the profits and business decisions is to them. Fairnopoly – the idea of a young team working has been many months free of charge, to realize a common idea. Too often works on the principle economic monopoly: it is to get as much profit out of the other. With Fairnopoly, we turn around the game. As with the You can be all incumbents on the online market place, what you want. “But three core elements make Fairnopoly very fair: A fair business model promotion of responsible consumption contribute to combating corruption in Fairnopoly – the digital cooperative matching at the end of the international year of cooperatives” the Association Fairnopoly was founded on the 12.12.2012 in Berlin.

Fairnopoly is based on a novel, fair business model: the cooperative 2.0. The purchase of cooperative shares each can * r in shaping the fortunes of the company and is involved in its profit. Major investor * interior is deliberately avoided. Also, a portion of the profits will be donated. For the action on the platform, users * inside will automatically receive percentage points, entitling them to participation in, which organizations will receive the donations. Click here for the Crowdinvestment campaign: fairnopoly.startnext.