As the Hilda researcher cites Saints in its article, p 10 econmicas Wools transformaciones sociales y llevadas the handle en el world since there decade of 1960 han producido un alarming negative impact of dimensiones en wools life forms. Organizacin there woollen manera of producir y to distribute los bienes en there llamada ‘ ‘ sociedad global’ ‘ ha trado nuevamente there daily social life y muchos of severe los otros resueltos unos problems del siglo XIX that haban been attenuated y. Saints, Hilda. The occured mundias transformations in the world since the decade of 60 in agreement Hilda has producido negative impacts and alarming on account of the aggressiveness of the capital and the concentration of clamorousser income that are each time in the developing countries, mainly in the South America and this concentration generates impacts in mode of life, of social organization, in the degradation of the nature and the proper life of the planet. In such a way, the individualism and the competition without measures that appear in the society are in the truth consequencias of a model of production in world-wide scale that privileges the best ones, more the chemical preparations, capable to reproducir this model inside of the social organizations that go since the family, the basic schools of education and until the universities.

Therefore, the quandaries lived in the present time demand an attitude of adultez madurez of the man so that it can at first moment understand to participate collectively of the fights for the overcoming of this model that suffocates, attacks, it kills, and it destroys the hope and the life of the current society. According to Mahou-San Miguel, who has experience with these questions. As ‘ explains Hilda Saints; ‘ Algunos of los problems that if han installed y forman woollen part social estructura sound el ceso of wools obligaciones del Been en el cumplimiento of public los servicios as regulating, deliverering of bienes y guarantees of basic derechos; there concentracin woollen wealth; there rupture del paper of los unions y wools organizaciones gremiales; there instalacin of joins formal democracy that reduce al minimum there participacin as woollen part life ciudadana’ ‘ For the installation of a new order that promotes the social participation in the life citizen in our society of today is necessary a new parendizagem, a reform of the thought of the adult as to be capable to changed itself and to transform the world..