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This book starts right here: hundreds of formulations, stylistic devices, action figures, creative ideas and rhetorical highlights, to help develop unique emotional speeches and presentations. Anita Hermann Ruess, an expert in presentation and rhetoric, as well as multiple author provides the know-how for compelling and outstanding presentations in this new standard. Effective gestures, media production techniques, or authentic body language – with this book the reader in all phases of the presentation is well advised. And with the limbic dictionary the reader will find the correct formulations with the appropriate emotional effect finally in the blink of an eye. Anita Hermann Ruess effectively present – the book full of ideas BusinessVillage Publisher 2010 ISBN: 9783869800752 29.8 EUR effectively present the book full ideas/eb-846.html is the author Anita Hermann Ruess m.a., rhetoric and communications expert, owner of the company of Hermann Ruess and partner. She is a popular speaker and lecturer at universities and in business. Their recipe for success: You classical rhetoric uniquely combines 2,500 years with the latest scientific findings of in brain research and goes with the “limbic communication model developed by her” a new, future-oriented way. Company description BusinessVillage, books that are fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications to the topic range success & career find Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts, employees and Manager. Company contact: BusinessVillage GmbH editorial team clean houses country road 22 37083 Gottingen Tel: 0551/2099104 E-Mail: Web: